Always there

Bryan was very responsive and helpful through the whole buying and selling processes. There were many times in which we had emails and text flying back and forth between the two of us at very early or late hours of the morning and evening. Any questions or concerns I had he was always there to explain in full detail to help me better understand and to make me reassured of the process. I met Bryan at a viewing I saw online and scheduled with him. He was so friendly, patient and helpful. I already had a Realtor that I was using to see my home. However, I was so impressed with how he continued to assist me even before I signed a contract with him. That when my contract expired with the other Realtor, I didn’t have any hesitation in asking Bryan to assist me in selling and purchasing my new home. Bryan is very knowledgeable about all aspects of both processes and got my house sold when the other Realtor couldn’t. He was very helpful and impressive in the negotiation process thinking of things I would have never thought to ask and making sure I got a fair price for my current home and my new home purchase. Bryan and I have established a relationship of trust and friendship which I believe is very important when making a very large life decision as buying and selling your home.