A Real Pleasure

Bryan has been a real pleasure to work with. I moved to TX from NH is June 2012. I had never been to TX before I moved here and did not know the area. Finding the right agent to work with was critical. I interviewed four other agents before I signed with Bryan. Most other agents would open the door, let me look around, and say, so what do you think? Bryan does not just open the door and let me run free to figure it out on my own. He walks through the house with a great attention to detail. He is able to point out the upgraded features of the house and the issues that need to be addressed as well. Bryan has shown me several houses, and I mean several! I know I have not been the easiest to work with. I‘m sure there have been time when he wanted to strangle me but he never let it show. He is genuinely concerned that I find the right house for me not just any house. I would highly recommend him. I will definitely work with him again.